KOBILS children and adults are kind, and we work together to develop a sense of compassion and helping. So children at KOBILS make a great team, and work and play together across genders, nationalities and age groups. They are inquisitive and they want to know why, and independent so they can work out strategies themselves for finding the answers. Most of all, KOBILS children see learning as something positive and enjoyable, and something they want to do throughout their lives. In this way KOBILS provides a happy cooperative environment in which children can grow up to be productive members of society always looking for ways to learn more and be the best they can.


All our children, teachers and staff love coming to KOBILS. As many children come for many years, teacher and staff turnover is low, and we have lots of events and activities, KOBILS has a real sense of community. KOBILS is about happy confident children enjoying a bilingual life. Please come and see us to talk about whether KOBILS is right for your child.


Join Us!

We pride ourselves at KOBILS on our happy friendly children. KOBILS builds SKILL: Strong, Kind, Inquisitive Lifelong Learners. They love to come to school and we love to have them!


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Disabled Access

One of our goals at KOBILS is to make our learning accessible to all. We are therefore very excited to have been able to adapt our building so that almost all facilities are accessible to wheelchair users. An elevator allows access to all three floors and widened doors and a specially adapted toilet means that our facilities should be usable by those with a range of mobility challenges. Come by and See!

New grassy playground

There is a lot of new building excitement here at KOBILS, especially as we have just opened our playground! We love seeing the kids having fun and testing their limits, and our jungle gym has plenty of scope for that. Our beautiful grassy playground and slope is great for sitting on, playing tag or rolling down the hill. We are also very happy to open our facilities to our neighborhood kids when school is out. Come on over and play!

New apps for Saturday School

Three apps are up and running for Saturday School! Saturday children are using iPads both at school and home. Kids have an entire online library of books they can dig into and a wide variety of interactive games to help them with spelling. As always, we want there to be lots of learning and lots of fun, so now they can enjoy learning wherever they go!