Summer School 2024

Cultures, Families, All About Me: How are we the same? How are we different?

Summer School KOBILS

July 22 (Fri) – Aug 2 (Thu)

(Monday – Friday: 10 days)

Summer School sign-up is on! Join us once more for lots of learning, lots of fun in our English immersion program as we learn all about all the different people and lifestyles that make up our world. Diversity: Cultures and Families: How are we similar? How are we different? Being your Best You! All about all of us crazy different people that make up our diverse world! We’ll study about different countries around the world including different family and lifestyle choices.

Living in different continents, living in different families, living with different abilities, what makes me me: How am I unique? We’ll look at UN SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and think how we can all work together to make the world a better place. Join us online/see our work. We’ll share video and written projects on the final day!

Going outside, bringing the outside in! We’ll have special visitors during the two weeks and also go out on a trip too. Venue to be announced. We’ll be swimming as usual at Shioya Country Club.

Research and learning will be displayed in our beautiful world-famous lapbooks created by the children which include study notes, arts and crafts, and mini-reports!

The BBQ will be fired up on the last evening for elementary age and older children who will stay at school until 20:30. The younger kids will have fun with a sandwich party during the day.

With so many qualified teachers and staff our student teacher/TA ratio is about 1:7 plus the office staff. There will be plenty of support for everyone!

We welcome all KOBILS students aged 3-12 and a limited number of external students in K2-G8 who speak English well. Come on down as we learn about what makes us all special and unique and celebrate the diversity of humankind.

KOBILS Summer School

¥63,000 (Kindergarten: KOBILS students)
¥70,000+tax (Kindergarten: external students; KOBILS G1-8 students/graduates)
¥80,000+tax (G1-8: External students)
There is a ¥5,000 interview fee for external students.

Fees include swimming at Shioya Club and one day lunch, a field trip, local hiking/gardening trip, and final BBQ/sandwich party.

Application deadline: June 29 (Sat)
(or when Summer School is full; priority to KOBILS students)

For more information or registration,
please call 078-742-7101.

Join Us!

We pride ourselves at KOBILS on our happy friendly children. KOBILS builds SKILL: Strong, Kind, Inquisitive Lifelong Learners. They love to come to school and we love to have them!

2025 Admission Materials:


Early Childhood Education Allowance

From October 1, 2019, Free Early Childhood Education Allowance can be applied to KOBILS kindergarten, and we are also eligible to receive a monthly subsidy of up to 37,000 yen.

Careers Week

Elementary School holds a Careers Week every year. During Careers Week, we have people from various professions visit to share their jobs with us.

Online Information Session

Thank you to those who attended KOBILS online information session and/or online tour. It was the first time we  held the event online and 87% of you responded to the survey saying it was “very good” or “good”. Thank you to all who responded to the survey.