Disabled Access


One of our goals at KOBILS is to make our learning accessible to all. We are therefore very excited to have been able to adapt our building so that almost all facilities are accessible to wheelchair users. An elevator allows access to all three floors and widened doors and a specially adapted toilet means that our facilities should be usable by those with a range of mobility challenges. Come by and See!

New grassy playground


There is a lot of new building excitement here at KOBILS, especially as we have just opened our playground! We love seeing the kids having fun and testing their limits, and our jungle gym has plenty of scope for that. Our beautiful grassy playground and slope is great for sitting on, playing tag or rolling down the hill. We are also very happy to open our facilities to our neighborhood kids when school is out. Come on over and play!

New apps for Saturday School

Three apps are up and running for Saturday School! Saturday children are using iPads both at school and home. Kids have an entire online library of books they can dig into and a wide variety of interactive games to help them with spelling. As always, we want there to be lots of learning and lots of fun, so now they can enjoy learning wherever they go!

Introducing our exciting new library

It’s finally finished! Here at KOBILS we want to encourage enquiry, creativity and a thirst for knowledge, so what better way to do that than by reading lots of books? In our new interactive library our kids can go on an adventure as they climb through a maze of books or crawl through holes to find shelves stuffed with exciting stories. Use a flashlight to find the Goosebumps and other horror stories! With around 10,000 books on offer, everyone can find lots to interest them!

New Building Open Day


KOBILS will open a new elementary school building in June 2019! Come along and visit us at our New Building Open Day on Sunday June 16. Starting at 11am we’ll have games, food, and entertainment. And of course you can tour the new building too!

Approaching the end of term


As we reach the end of the school year, we celebrate the graduation of our K3 kindergarten students and welcome new students who will be joining our Kindergarten, Elementary, and Saturday School program. We look forward to meeting you!

KOBILS Elementary: Grade 1, 2 and 3 from 2018


KOBILS Elementary opened in April 2017 with grades one and two. From 2018 we will expand our program to grades one, two and three. Read through our website and contact to set up a visit.

KOBILS Annual Schedule 2017-18: All Programs


KOBILS 2017-18 calendar; check out our term dates, events and special activities.

4.10 (Mon)   K1 (nen-sho) orientation
4.11 (Tue)   First day of school year, all grades/Gakudo/Upper School
4.23 (Sun)   Easter Party
4.29 (Sat) Public Holiday; Saturday School open
5.1 – 5.7    Golden Week holiday; school closed
5.28 (Sun)   Family Fun day: Charity Sponsored Walk/Fun Run, whole school
6.06 (Tue)   Open Classroom, elementary school
June / July  Parent classroom visits, kindy
6.12 – 6.16  International Week
6.15 (Thu)   Mini Field Trips, kindy / elementary
7.13 (Thu)   Shioya Pool Day, kindy
7.15 (Sat)   Upper School/ Elementary Fun Day
7.21 (Fri) Last day of term, Kindy/Elementary School/Gakudo
7.22 (Sat)   Last day of term, Upper School
7.26 – 8.9   Summer School, Kindy/Elem/Upper; afterschool daycare available
8.10 – 8.18  Obon holidays, school closed
8.21 – 8.31  Daycare available, Mon-Fri

8.31 (Thu)      First day of term, Upper School
9.1 (Fri)       First day of term, Kindy/Elementary/Gakudo
9.11 – 9.15   Literacy Week
9.18 (Mon)      Public Holiday, Open Day/settsumeikai: Kindergarten/Elementary
9.22 (Fri)      Grandparents Day, Kindergarten
9.23 (Sat)   Public Holiday, Saturday School open
9.25 (Mon)      Grandparents Day, Elementary School
9.26 – 9.28     Awaji Camping Trip (Elementary, 2 nights)
9.29 (Fri)      Kindergarten sleepover
10.9 (Mon)      Sports Day, Kindergarten/Elementary/Hoikuen
10.10 (Tues) Day off for Sports Day, Elementary/Kindy
10.26 – 10.27   End of semester: Kindy/Elem parent-teacher meetings, K/Elem closed
10.28 (Sat)     Halloween Party
11.4 (Sat)      Upper School/Elementary Fun Day
11.6 – 11.10    Nature Week
11.9 (Thu)      Kindy Park Day/Elementary Hiking
11.23 (Thu) Public Holiday, Upper School open
12.13 (Wed)    Mini concert/show/Christmas lunch, elementary
12.14 (Thu)     Kindergarten Christmas Party
12.15 (Fri)     Last day of term Kindy/Elementary/Gakudo
12.16 (Sat)     Last day of term, Upper / Christmas Party Upper School / Elementary
12.18 – 12.22  Daycare available, Mon-Fri
12.23 – 1.3     Christmas/New Year holiday, school closed
1.4 – 1.5       Daycare available

1.9 (Tue)       First day after holidays, Kindy/Elem/Gakudo
2.17 (Sat)      Fun Day/Performance Day, Upper School/Elementary
2.19 – 2.23     Science Week
2.26 (Mon)    Parent/Teacher Meeting, elementary, elementary closed
3.7 (Wed)       Open Classroom, Elementary
3.19 (Mon)      Kindy graduation
3.20 (Tue)      Kindy trip/preschool graduation / last day at school, elementary
3.21 (Wed)      Public Holiday, Upper School classes open
3.22    (Thu)   Elementary school trip / Last day Elem, Gakudo
3.24    (Sat)   Last day of term, Upper school
3.26 – 4.6      Daycare available, Mon-Fri

Notes: School is closed on public holidays unless noted. Schedule subject to change.

Elementary School opens April 2017 at Momo Park


KOBILS will open a bilingual elementary school at Momo Park in April 2017 initially for students in grade 1 and 2 in April 2017. Sign up to receive bulletins with updates about the program, fees, and application process.


Momo Park opens in April 2016


All elementary afterschool and Saturday classes and the new English Immersion Afterschool daycare will be held in the new Momo Park building from April 2016.


Download application form here: