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Early Childhood Education Allowance


From October 1, 2019, Free Early Childhood Education Allowance can be applied to KOBILS kindergarten, and we are also eligible to receive a monthly subsidy of up to 37,000 yen. In order to receive the subsidy, you must apply to your local municipality and meet the requirements for employment, etc. At KOBILS Kindergarten, more than 80 percent of the students receive the subsidy. According to the city of Kobe, those who will be entering the kindergarten in April of the next school year are advised to submit their applications by the end of November, so if you are planning to enter the kindergarten next year, please submit your application as soon as possible. Currently, we are interviewing new kindergartners, but there are still a few spots available.

Information about free early childhood education allowance:
Cabinet Office website (Japanese: English:
Kobe City  Support Website (

Careers Week


Elementary School holds a Careers Week every year. During Careers Week, we have people from various professions visit to share their jobs with us. This year we had three guests give presentations on their jobs, the first was a Project Sustainability Manager in Australia, who talked about building projects he’s managed, which improve energy efficiency and the impact it has on the environment. The second person was from the Australian Consulate-General in Japan. She shared her wide experience across many different jobs over her 20 years there, from tour guide for famous visiting bands to liaison between Australian farmers and Japanese buyers. The third person was a reporter from the Kobe Shimbun newspaper, who taught us how to conduct an effective interview and practiced making headlines in 12 words or less. He taught us how to conduct effective interviews, so we practiced mock interviews and created headlines in 12 words or less. Students had the opportunity to ask our visitors many questions, including the schooling required to get into the profession and what their favorite part of their job is. We love Careers Week because it inspires students to think about their futures and introduces them to careers that are less familiar than mainstream jobs.

Online Information Session


Thank you to those who attended KOBILS online information session and/or online tour. It was the first time we  held the event online and 87% of you responded to the survey saying it was “very good” or “good”. Thank you to all who responded to the survey. Everyone at least thought it was satisfactory! If you are interested in enrolling at KOBILS in the next academic year, the priority application period ends on September 30. We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after that, so we are looking forward to seeing you.Some of you asked for more information about the daily schedule.

Kindergarten (English: Tuesday-Friday, Monday is Japanese day)
8:45-09:45, daily routines and life skills/free play 10:00-10:30, singing, dance, circle time chat
10:30-11:00, craft time
11:00-11:10, restroom, hydration
11:10-11:45 Themed games and vocabulary, phonics, learning time
11:45-12:00 Toilet, lunch preparation, hydration 12:00-12:40 Lunch, reading, quiet time
12:45-13:00 Outside play, toilet, hydration
13:00-13:30 Picture books, Story
13:30-13:45 Review of today’s story, preparations for pick-up
13:45-14:40 Free play, sequential pick-up

Elementary School (1st grade, Monday timetable) 8:30-9:00 Arrive at school, get ready for class, play outside
9:00-9:45 Ethics
9:50-10:35 Life Skills
10:35-10:50 Recess
10:55-11:40 Math
11:45-12:45 School lunch and lunch break
12:50-13:35 English
13:35-14:20 Japanese
14:20-14:30 Recess
14:30-15:15 Health PE
15:15-15:30 Preparation for dismissal
15:30-16:30 Club activities (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Disabled Access


One of our goals at KOBILS is to make our learning accessible to all. We are therefore very excited to have been able to adapt our building so that almost all facilities are accessible to wheelchair users. An elevator allows access to all three floors and widened doors and a specially adapted toilet means that our facilities should be usable by those with a range of mobility challenges. Come by and See!

New grassy playground


There is a lot of new building excitement here at KOBILS, especially as we have just opened our playground! We love seeing the kids having fun and testing their limits, and our jungle gym has plenty of scope for that. Our beautiful grassy playground and slope is great for sitting on, playing tag or rolling down the hill. We are also very happy to open our facilities to our neighborhood kids when school is out. Come on over and play!

New apps for Saturday School

Three apps are up and running for Saturday School! Saturday children are using iPads both at school and home. Kids have an entire online library of books they can dig into and a wide variety of interactive games to help them with spelling. As always, we want there to be lots of learning and lots of fun, so now they can enjoy learning wherever they go!

Introducing our exciting new library

It’s finally finished! Here at KOBILS we want to encourage enquiry, creativity and a thirst for knowledge, so what better way to do that than by reading lots of books? In our new interactive library our kids can go on an adventure as they climb through a maze of books or crawl through holes to find shelves stuffed with exciting stories. Use a flashlight to find the Goosebumps and other horror stories! With around 10,000 books on offer, everyone can find lots to interest them!

New Building Open Day


KOBILS will open a new elementary school building in June 2019! Come along and visit us at our New Building Open Day on Sunday June 16. Starting at 11am we’ll have games, food, and entertainment. And of course you can tour the new building too!

Approaching the end of term


As we reach the end of the school year, we celebrate the graduation of our K3 kindergarten students and welcome new students who will be joining our Kindergarten, Elementary, and Saturday School program. We look forward to meeting you!

KOBILS Elementary: Grade 1, 2 and 3 from 2018


KOBILS Elementary opened in April 2017 with grades one and two. From 2018 we will expand our program to grades one, two and three. Read through our website and contact to set up a visit.

2025 Admission Materials: