KOBILS Elementary
Momoyamadai 7-1-25
Age: 6-12
Monday – Friday

Kobe Bilingual School


Introduction to the 2-12 Bilingual Program:

“To do the best I can with this life. To be of use”.

This is Kobe Bilingual School’s mission: to help children develop as useful members of society who are proud of themselves because they are meeting their full potentials. As a kindergarten and afterschool program we have been doing this since 2008. From April 2017 we are extending our kindergarten program at Aza-Takamaru, Tarumi, Kobe to offer a full-time bilingual education to children from ages 3 – 12 with the opening of our new elementary school in Momoyamadai, Tarumi, Kobe.

Intro to KOBILS

Who are the children of Kobe Bilingual School?

The majority of Kobe Bilingual School’s students are local residents, whether they be Japanese nationals, mixed race children with one non-Japanese parent, or long-term foreign residents, and the curriculum is developed with local residents in mind, local residents with a global outlook.

How is the program bilingual?

The majority of time is spent in English immersion as this is the minority language in Japan; however the school also uses the Japanese Kokugo program at the same grade level as children would use at Japanese shougakko, and schedules important cross-curricular discussion time in Japanese too.

KOBILS also offers a Japanese as a second language curriculum for visiting international students, so these children can continue their learning in English as they would in a regular international school, but also make the most of the opportunity to learn Japanese and about local customs while they are staying in Japan.

KOBILS offers a hybrid of a local and an international education, taking Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), blending elements of Japan’s curriculum (especially in Kokugo, social studies and ethics), with awareness of the US, Australian, English and Finnish curricular to make a very specific KOBILS curriculum for local and international children.



Join Us!

We pride ourselves at KOBILS on our happy friendly children. KOBILS builds SKILL: Strong, Kind, Inquisitive Lifelong Learners. They love to come to school and we love to have them!

2023 Admission Materials:

KOBILS Elementary
Momoyamadai 7-1-25
Age: 6-12
Monday – Friday


Early Childhood Education Allowance

From October 1, 2019, Free Early Childhood Education Allowance can be applied to KOBILS kindergarten, and we are also eligible to receive a monthly subsidy of up to 37,000 yen.

Careers Week

Elementary School holds a Careers Week every year. During Careers Week, we have people from various professions visit to share their jobs with us.

Online Information Session

Thank you to those who attended KOBILS online information session and/or online tour. It was the first time we  held the event online and 87% of you responded to the survey saying it was “very good” or “good”. Thank you to all who responded to the survey.