Introducing our exciting new library - KOBILS


Introducing our exciting new library


It’s finally finished! Here at KOBILS we want to encourage enquiry, creativity and a thirst for knowledge, so what better way to do that than by reading lots of books? In our new interactive library our kids can go on an adventure as they climb through a maze of books or crawl through holes to find shelves stuffed with exciting stories. Use a flashlight to find the Goosebumps and other horror stories! With around 10,000 books on offer, everyone can find lots to interest them!

2025 Admission Materials:


Early Childhood Education Allowance

From October 1, 2019, Free Early Childhood Education Allowance can be applied to KOBILS kindergarten, and we are also eligible to receive a monthly subsidy of up to 37,000 yen.

Careers Week

Elementary School holds a Careers Week every year. During Careers Week, we have people from various professions visit to share their jobs with us.

Online Information Session

Thank you to those who attended KOBILS online information session and/or online tour. It was the first time we  held the event online and 87% of you responded to the survey saying it was “very good” or “good”. Thank you to all who responded to the survey.