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Disabled Access


One of our goals at KOBILS is to make our learning accessible to all. We are therefore very excited to have been able to adapt our building so that almost all facilities are accessible to wheelchair users. An elevator allows access to all three floors and widened doors and a specially adapted toilet means that our facilities should be usable by those with a range of mobility challenges. Come by and See!

New grassy playground


There is a lot of new building excitement here at KOBILS, especially as we have just opened our playground! We love seeing the kids having fun and testing their limits, and our jungle gym has plenty of scope for that. Our beautiful grassy playground and slope is great for sitting on, playing tag or rolling down the hill. We are also very happy to open our facilities to our neighborhood kids when school is out. Come on over and play!

New apps for Saturday School

Three apps are up and running for Saturday School! Saturday children are using iPads both at school and home. Kids have an entire online library of books they can dig into and a wide variety of interactive games to help them with spelling. As always, we want there to be lots of learning and lots of fun, so now they can enjoy learning wherever they go!

Introducing our exciting new library

It’s finally finished! Here at KOBILS we want to encourage enquiry, creativity and a thirst for knowledge, so what better way to do that than by reading lots of books? In our new interactive library our kids can go on an adventure as they climb through a maze of books or crawl through holes to find shelves stuffed with exciting stories. Use a flashlight to find the Goosebumps and other horror stories! With around 10,000 books on offer, everyone can find lots to interest them!