2017.11.04 B1 - KOBILS


2017.11.04 B1


Today we talked about photos again.

  1. Describe
  2. Compare (Similarities and  differences)
  3. Speculate (What can you guess?)
  4. React (Would you like to be there? Why?)

We talked about particular areas within photos and pictures (left, right, top, bottom, middle, foreground, background)

We recapped poetry and rhyming families.

We read ‘The Last Laugh’ story and discussed comprehension questions

We briefly looked at the homework pages.


*Please complete all homework for this week in your journal book (not on the textbook page)

*Language book p82/p83. Questions 1,(2), 3, 4.

*Look at (only) the pictures on Language book p100/101. Use your handout sheet about 4 talking points to write about your description, comparison, speculation, reaction.

*1 page of journal – free writing

*Keep up your progress in reading marathon!