2017.11.25 B1 - KOBILS


2017.11.25 B1


Today we revisited the playscript about an important inventor who visits a school open day. 


We practiced the language used when talking about photographs and pictures.

We practiced using present tense after ‘if ‘ in a sentence.

We looked at the prefix ‘re-


*Practice book p81,82,83,84,85. (grammar if, spelling re-, writing scene 4 activities)

*1 page of journal please

*Cut a picture or photo from a magazine, website, or newspaper, and use your picture description skills;

  1. Describe (at the top/bottom/left/right) (in the foreground/background) (to the left/right of… above/below…)
  2. Speculate (What can you guess?)
  3. React (Would you like to be involved? Why?)

*Keep up your progress in reading marathon! Only a few weeks left!